How to preserve ownership with rsync over SSH

Olivier BONHOMME ptitoliv at
Mon Aug 1 13:56:43 GMT 2005

Hello everybody,

I am discovering rsync and I have a problem about preserving ownership
and permissions. I want to mirror a web tree with rsync over ssh. I set
up a module on my rsync server and on the rsync client, I use the
options -o and -p in order to preserve ownership et permissions. The
file are transffered via rsync but on the rsync server the files are
owned by the user used to connect with ssh. I tried to find some docs
but I found nothing and the man page is not clear for me : -- perms ==>
root only what does that mean exactly ?

I hope some one will be able to help me :)

Thank you for your answers

Best regards,

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