[Bug 2423] Feature Request: Ability to transfer files newer than date or file. (--newer switch).

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Thu Apr 28 10:27:06 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From james.grinter at uk.nomura.com  2005-04-28 03:27 -------
I'd find this kind of feature really useful too.

I'm pushing files, but I'm using --include and --exclude patterns to build the 
list of files I want to transfer, in some cases avoiding directory recursion. --
files-from and include/exclude don't mix.

It's also really hard to avoid recursion with find, and it would be nicer to be 
able to do it all within rsync for efficiency reasons (it's already stat()ing 
files, for one.)

Perhaps something matching find's syntax for these things:

--newer file
  newer than a reference file. (perhaps also -older, as you wouldn't have 
the '! -newer' syntax of find)
--mtime n
  (if the file was modified n days ago, also +n, -n)
--ctime n
  (ditto, for inode change time)
--atime n
  (ditto, for access time)

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