All the feature requests... A better way?

Scott Becker scottb at
Tue Apr 26 15:41:59 GMT 2005

Eli wrote:

>Scott wrote:
>>Perhaps an rsync 'job' file could be used instead of everything coming
>>from command line switches and separate file lists. Kind of like
>>rsyncd.conf but not for server mode. A typical config style 
>>layout where
>>multiline include and exclude list can be placed along with all other
>>'rsync --job-file ~/update_stuff'
>You wouldn't get the "programability" of a scripting language that way -
>you'd still be stuck having to have a ton of options in rsync to do what
>people wanted, and the whole idea was to reduce the options to bare minimum
>and instead offer something more flexible.
I see what you mean. It seems like you could pick a language and write
a set of functions or classes to abstract the complexity of rsync. The
functions could then call rsync with the appropriate parameters. Sounds
like a contrib thing.

If it supported a job file then I would probably use it. It would make 
setting up and maintaining
cron triggered syncs a little eaiser to maintain and keep organized. I 
think that what you want might
also be easier to independantly implement with job file support.


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