rsyncd server daemon not allowing connections

todd at todd at
Mon Apr 25 15:59:51 GMT 2005

Gang, I've read the manual(s), surfed google, spent about 5 hours on this,
to no avail....

I'm trying to run rsync in server mode and it appears to start normally,
but it refuses all connections (refuses connection when I tried telnetting
in on localhost 873!).

I've turned off all firewalls on this server (do I dare tell you guys
that?...), which is fine: it is on a local network.

I used the following command:

rsync --daemon --server --config-file=/etc/rsyncd.conf .
It responds normally: @RSYNC 28

note that I'm running rsync 2.6.2 because I have to: I want to be able to
ultimately back up this server with backuppc, which is running a forked
2.6.2 at present.

I have a "secrets" file at /etc/rsyncd.secrets

and my rsyncd.conf file is below -- two notes:
- running the daemon doesn't create a log, despite my specifying below
- I don't note a see a pid in the directory indicated

use chroot = no
max connections = 10
syslog facility = daemon
read only = yes
list = yes
uid = nobody
gid = nobody
timeout = 180
pid file = /var/run/
lock file = /var/run/rsyncd.lock
log file = /var/run/rsyncd.log

path = /backups/pc/heart_juli/5
comment = juli
strict modes = no
auth users = foo
secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets

path = /backups/pc/heart_bob/7/
comment = bob
strict modes = no
auth users = foo
secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets


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