How about a --min-size option, next to --max-size

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon Apr 25 13:10:52 GMT 2005

There's a rather old bug report in Debian's bug tracking system
(see about wanting to be able to specify
the maximum file size, as well as the minimum file size. Here's the

    Sometimes, it's useful to specify a file size range one is
    interested in.

    For example, I'd like to keep an up-to-date mirror of Debian, but I
    currently have size problems, so I'd like to skip all files > some

    I've also had the opposite problem (with ordinary mirror) - a server
    where there were lots of small junk files I was not interested in.

Both cases has its merits. Would a patch for --min-size be acceptable?

Paul Slootman

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