Feature Request: listing files from local dirs

chth at gmx.net chth at gmx.net
Mon Apr 25 09:17:07 GMT 2005


rsync does not list files if used locally without a destination but it
does when used remote archives, this is not orthognonal. Scripts have to
handle this special case.

There might be some intention to show the help message to give the user
a hint that he forgot the destionation. Thats fine, but at least with
--list-only rsync should produce a listing (and nothing else, so that
it can be parsed by scripts).

My current workaround is to rsync -n against an empty dir and filter out
any other noise lines from the list (traffic stats/messages about files
which are not handled). Would be nice if the noise lines go to stderr
instead stdout (or even omited when using --list-only).

How about a --list-only0 which sends '\0' terminated lines?

	Regards Christian Thäter

PS: please CC to me, I am not subscribed to the list

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