[Bug 2328] cygwin rsync hangs when initiated remotely after transfering some files

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Tue Apr 19 17:28:11 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From cfinley at u.washington.edu  2005-04-19 10:28 -------
(In reply to comment #11)
Have you had a chance to further test rsync with cygwin?
I just updated cygwin on a Windows XP Pro machine and tried several times to
initiate rsync over SSH from Debian Sarge; unfortunately, the transfer still
hangs. I can use a SSH tunnel initiated from Debian and then start a sync using
the rsyncd (deamon) running on WinXP.

    Cygwin DLL version info:
        DLL version: 1.5.14
        DLL epoch: 19
        DLL bad signal mask: 19005
        DLL old termios: 5
        DLL malloc env: 28
        API major: 0
        API minor: 126
        Shared data: 4
        DLL identifier: cygwin1
        Mount registry: 2
        Cygnus registry name: Cygnus Solutions
        Cygwin registry name: Cygwin
        Program options name: Program Options
        Cygwin mount registry name: mounts v2
        Cygdrive flags: cygdrive flags
        Cygdrive prefix: cygdrive prefix
        Cygdrive default prefix:
        Build date: Fri Apr 1 13:40:00 EST 2005
        Shared id: cygwin1S4

openssh              4.0p1-1

rsync                2.6.3-1

Chris Finley

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