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Paul Slootman paul at
Mon Apr 18 11:41:38 GMT 2005

Continuing this off-topic issue:

On Mon 18 Apr 2005, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> John E. Malmberg wrote:
> >The I.P. address is listed in as hitting spamtraps.
> Just so you know, spamcop view bounces as spam. According to them, you 
> should never send bounces. I believe the right approach is to convince 
> admins to drop spamcop from their RBL list, rather than remove the very 
> essential NACK SMTP has from all servers, as per spamcop's request.

There's a difference between giving a 5xx response during SMTP, and
first accepting a message and then later bouncing it to the (supposed)
envelope sender. I believe spamcop is protesting the latter, not the
first. I agree with them. 20% of the junk I get are bogus bounces.

Paul Slootman

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