[Bug 2607] Rsync logging time incorrectly

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Sun Apr 17 09:02:33 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From vanes002 at umn.edu  2005-04-17 02:02 -------
So - to which version of glibc did you upgrade when this problem started?

I looked at the localtime/timezone related sources in


and as long at the TZ envariable does not change and tzset() is not explicitly
called, then the timezone info from the first localtime() is retained and no
further filesystem access is needed (that's how it's also worked in the past).

My guess is that the TZ variable is being clobbered/modified somehow.

Try this (as root) to see the parent daemon environment:

  cat /proc/`cat /var/run/rsyncd.pid`/environ

Then, start a child process by starting a transfer via your daemon that will
take a long time so you can look at the environment for the child.  Tail the
rsyncd log to get the child PID and do

  cat /proc/_PID_/environ

You don't have to report the whole environ content - just look for TZ= and
report what it has for a value in both cases.

The TZ envariable isn't needed as long as you have /etc/localtime set properly.
 So try this - in your rsyncd init script, before starting the daemon, insert

  unset TZ

so the daemon starts without a TZ variable and restart the daemon (also restore
chroot = yes in your config).  This should prevent any enviroment change from
affecting the timezone processing.

Then try a transfer and see if the child timestamp is now OK.

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