files and directories with accented characters are destroyed

Jean-Max Reymond jmreymond at
Sat Apr 16 06:36:29 GMT 2005

2005/4/15, Wayne Davison <wayned at>:
> On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 08:00:24PM +0200, Jean-Max Reymond wrote:
> > patch applied successfully bot no good results, same behavior :-(
> Did you specify a conversion program?  (Read the patch for details.)

Now, it is different but not successful :-(

ckrmac:~ root# /usr/local/bin/rsync -avzr -e ssh --fname-convert
'iconv -f utf8 -t iso8859-8'  --exclude 'Recup/' --exclude '.aMule/'
--exclude 'Cache/*' --exclude '*/Trash' --delete --exclude '*.msf'
jmax at ckrjmax:. ~rsnapshot/Save/Ckrjmax/
receiving file list ... Filename converter blocked, disabling
persistence to recover.
iconv: (stdin): cannot convert
EOF from filename converter (filename: Web/azurseisme/Cons�udes.jpg)
rsync error: error in filename conversion (code 15) at fnameconv.c(165)

Jean-Max Reymond
CKR Solutions Open Source
Nice France

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