[Bug 2607] Rsync logging time incorrectly

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Sat Apr 16 05:42:46 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From kilburna at iservnetworks.com  2005-04-15 22:42 -------
Here is the output of the your program. It gives the correct time. 

tux tmp # gcc -o tztest tztest.c
tux tmp # ./tztest
2005/04/16 15:13:25 current time

I have also written a short C prog, similar to yours, and it too gives the
correct time result. The I wrote a perl script and it gives the correct time.

I spent a lot of time digging into forums, and this problem has surfaced many
times, but there has been no definitive solution. I have built a completely new
box and the problem still occurs.

I look after a 1TB storage and logging is used extensively. I changed to
chroot=no and the logging time is fine. I will look into the code, but the
problem seems to centred around chroot and glibc. I know that I upgraded glibc
and then this issue started.

I also tried the TZ=UTC10EST nad other combinatiins with no difference.  I also
used zic to create a new timezone file with no difference

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