rsync duplicates after file removal

Paul Slootman paul at
Thu Apr 14 16:57:39 GMT 2005

On Thu 14 Apr 2005, Jon Essen-Moller wrote:
> After I have removed some files from the backup computer with the command
> find /home/user/.Maildir/.Spam/* -mtime +30 -type f -exec rm "{}" \;
> does the command:
> rsync -av -e "ssh -l root" host:/home/* /home
> create many duplicates.

Does it create those duplicates in the /home/user/.Maildir/.Spam/
directory, or elsewhere?

BTW, I'd use:
    rsync -av -e "ssh -l root" host:/home/ /home

Let rsync take care of the recursion, as you've given it the -a option.

> What I expect is for it to just  "restore" the backup to what it was 
> like before.

So would I, so I'd be interested in seeing what files are duplicated

Paul Slootman

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