files and directories with accented characters are destroyed

Jean-Max Reymond jmreymond at
Thu Apr 14 12:07:13 GMT 2005

On Mac OS X (mini Mac), using rsync with --delete option to backup a
linux Box, all the file and directories with accented characters are
deleting Documents/Ve??lo/
deleting Documents/Ckr/marche??s_publics/
deleting Documents/Ckr/Pre??sentations/Linux_logiciels_libres(SICTIAM).sxi
deleting Documents/Ckr/Pre??sentations/Linux_logiciels_libres(SICTIAM).ppt
deleting Documents/Ckr/Pre??sentations/
deleting Documents/Ckr/Pre??sentation de Norsys 2003.pdf

It seems that mini Mac have not the same encoding type.
Also, I have a couple of complaints about mkstemp:
rsync: mkstemp "/Users/rsnapshot/Save/Ckrjmax/Web/azurseisme/.Cons?gudes.jpg.F7yHbl"
failed: Invalid argument (22)

I have upgraded to the very last version of rsync but the issues remain.
What can I do ?
Jean-Max Reymond
CKR Solutions Open Source
Nice France

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