Max filesize for rsync?

Jeff Schoby JAS at
Wed Apr 13 21:07:30 GMT 2005

Well, I got -further- by changing the fsize= to -1 in
/etc/security/limits on my AIX boxes, 
but rsync ultimately still did not like my 15GB file I wanted to

Had to resort to good ol' plain vanilla ftp.  

>>> Shachar Shemesh <rsync at> 04/13/05 2:52 PM >>>
Jeff Schoby wrote:

>What the maximum filesize rsync can transfer?
>I'm trying to rsync one of my servers to another but the rsync is
>croaking on a file that's barely 1GB.  
>Tips, hints, suggestions?
>rsync server is AIX 4.3.3 ML11 - rsync 2.6.3
>rsync client is AIX 5.3 ML1 - rsync 2.6.4
Please note that, all file size OS limitations aside, rsync has 
suboptimal performance for too big files. When I get around to it I'll

try to create a patch, but in the mean while too big files will have
many non-real hash table collisions, and may become extremely slow.

If you run across this problem, please post on list, as we need someone

to experience this problem in order to try and fix it.


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting ltd.
Have you backed up today's work? 

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