An idea: rsyncfs, an rsync-based real-time replicated filesystem

Clint Byrum cbyrum at
Wed Apr 13 05:09:44 GMT 2005

Lester Hightower wrote:

>I envision the "VFS Change Logger" as a (hopefully very thin) middle-ware
>that sits between the kernel's VFS interfaces and a real filesystem, like
>ext3, reiser, etc.  The "VFS Change Logger" will pass VFS calls to the
>underlying filesystem driver, but it will make note of certain types of
>calls.  I have these in mind so far, but there are likely others:
>  open( ... , "w"), write(fd), unlink( ... ), mkdir( ... ), rmdir( ... )

I like your ideas. There's obviously a need for this type of stuff. I do 
think that your ideas come somewhat close to the Inter-Mezzo filesystem 
for Linux, which was at one time in the mainline kernel, but some time 
ago dropped because it wasn't being maintained. Their approach, I think, 
is too focused on standards and openness, rather than making something 
that works. Maybe your idea will have more focus. :)

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