Rsync and foreign letters in filenames.

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Tue Apr 12 14:40:50 GMT 2005

I'm running cwrync :

rsync  version 2.6.4  protocol version 29

on a Windows 2000 sp4 PC and I'm trying to rsync my favourites from my home PC to this Win2K machine. I run a batch file on this win2K machine.

99.99% of these .url files are transfered correctly.

But the odd one doesn't get transfered.

Ok, here is an example.

I've a URL in d:\favorites\Triops called "(SZARE) MYDLO I POWIDLO"

and Rsync reports this on trying to transfer it.

file has vanished: "Triops/(SZARE) MYDLO I POWIDO.url" (in favsAqua)
394 files to consider
IO error encountered -- skipping file deletion

The 'L' in the MYDLO is actually a U+0141 (L with stroke) character not a english L.

So cwrsync is translating this letter into another and so thinks the file is missing.

Is this a bug or a limitation in Rsync?

Stuart Halliday
ECS Technology ltd
Registered in Scotland - #212513 

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