rsync, --cvs-exclude option.

Molumuri, Janardhan mjanar at
Wed Apr 6 20:58:03 GMT 2005

Hi Martin,

Yes we can add "--include=*.exe", 

But --cvs-exclude means excluding only CVS dir right, But currently it is excluding other also.

I am confused.

static char default_cvsignore[] =
        /* These default ignored items come from the CVS manual. */
        "RCS SCCS CVS CVS.adm RCSLOG cvslog.* tags TAGS"
        " .make.state .nse_depinfo *~ #* .#* ,* _$* *$"
        " *.old *.bak *.BAK *.orig *.rej .del-*"
        " *.a *.olb *.o *.obj *.so *.exe"
        " *.Z *.elc *.ln core"
        /* The rest we added to suit ourself. */
        " .svn/";

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Please open a new thread for your questions. 
See also below.

On Thursday 31 March 2005 10:44, Molumuri, Janardhan wrote:
> When using --cvs-exclude option rsync is unable to sync *.exe files.
> Its throwing the following error.
> [sender] excluding file Update.exe because of pattern *.exe
> any ideas?

Add a --include="*.exe". 
This worked in my short test.

> Regards,
> -janardhan.
> P.S. I am using rsync-2.6.3 version.
I'm too. But a "emerge -uvaD world" on my gentoo box is already running...


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