rsync is flaky going to Penang

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Tue Apr 5 17:43:12 GMT 2005

There are times when rsync just can't complete a task.  I had a buggy 
network and was required to maintain a large distribution on dozens of 
buggy NAS devices all over the world.  I eventually had to write a sort of 
distributed find/diff/rm/tar/untar system.


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rsync is flaky going to Penang

We are experiencing flaky behavior from rsync when attempting to rsync 
directories/files to a server in Penang.   Several times the job seems to 
?hang? and never completes.   Penang then is therefore missing a lot of 
required cad files.    Have any of you experienced the same thing and what 
did you do to fix the problem?   Does anyone know of a better tool to use? 
  We chose rsync after rdist gave us problems. 
Perhaps we?re missing an important flag in our rsync commands but I think 
it?s set up correctly.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Jackie Wright
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