Rsync 2.6.4 Multiplexing Overflows when File Name Too Long (cwRsync)

Benjamin Watkins ben-list at
Mon Apr 4 21:35:20 GMT 2005

Benjamin Watkins wrote:

> I will let you know how the patch works for me.  I am currently 
> running it from Workstation 1 to Server 1.

After more extensive testing with this patch, I can confirm that it does 
indeed resolve this issue for me under Cygwin.

If Tev repackages his cwRsync package, I would recommend he applies this 
patch as this problem appears to be particularly noticeable with 
Cygwin.  He should also use the most recent cygwin1.dll in order to 
resolve the exit code problem.

I am assuming for simplicity's sake that Tevfik Karagülle is male, so my 
apologies if this is incorrect.

-Ben : )

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