Always exitcode 256 under Cygwin with rsync 2.6.4

Joost van den Broek joost at
Mon Apr 4 16:22:58 GMT 2005

On Monday 4 April 2005 16:39, Paul Haas wrote:
> If I understand the problem, it looks like it is fixed in Cygwin 1.5.14-1,
> which was released sometime on Saturday.
> The Cygwin 1.5.14-1 announcement includes this change:
>   - cgf: Right shift exit code by eight when process is not started in a
>     cygwin environment.
> Which sounds like the fix to your problem, although it is hard to tell,
> since you didn't say what Cygwin version you were running.

I can confirm too that this has solved the problem for me. It's time for a new 
cwRsync release :)

- Joost

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