Expressions in --exclude-from file

David Liontooth liontooth at
Mon Apr 4 04:30:52 GMT 2005

Greetings --

I just downloaded and compiled rsync 2.6.4, which has the much-coveted 
--remove-sent-files option!
Thank you for adding this feature. I use

    rsync -rutvn --exclude-from=nosync --remove-sent-files /ssa/TV/2005/ 

to move files selectively to a storage computer, but I want to avoid 
including files that are currently
being captured. When I include today and a great relative yesterday like 

    *$(date +%F)*
    *$(date --date="-1 day" +%F)*

in the nosync file, files like 2005-04-03_19:00_KCBS_60_Minutes.txt 
still get included. I then try

    rsync -rutvn --exclude=$(date +%F) --exclude=$(date --date="-1 day" 
+%F) --exclude-from=/ssa/TV/scripts/nosync --remove-sent-files 
/ssa/TV/2005/ /tv1/2005/

which works, but the strings are long and rsynch appears not to allow \ 
to break a long line (?)
Wouldn't it be useful to allow expressions in the exclude file?


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