Rsync 2.6.4 Multiplexing Overflows when File Name Too Long (cwRsync)

Benjamin Watkins ben at
Fri Apr 1 21:55:20 GMT 2005

Benjamin Watkins wrote:

> So far this observation has been made on one out of one clients that I 
> have tested.  I was able to repeat this error several times on this 
> machine before I discovered the message in the server log pointing me 
> to the long file name problem.  I am running a test from another 
> client to duplicate this problem, but this process will not finish for 
> at least another half hour.  I will report back when I know if this 
> happens on that system as well.

I can now confirm that this seems to happen whenever there is a long 
file name error.  This appears to cause a corruption in the protocol stream.

-Ben : )

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