Rsync over an NFS mount (Scanned @ Decoma)

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Fri Apr 1 20:15:15 GMT 2005

If I perform an local rsync with the 'delete' option over an NFS mount, and
the mount point has been unmounted, the rsync will delete what was once on
the local box..

For example
Machine 1( is a live production server with a database within
the /DB directory
Machine 2 (  is an idling server, capturing all changes of
Machine 1's database.
The rsync is done over an NFS mount onto machine 1, rather than via rsync

>From Machine 2 :
mkdir /mnt/plantx
mount   /mnt/plantx

rsync -av --delete  /DB/plantx -e ssh

Now , If I reboot machine 2, and forget to do the NFS mount, (actually the
above rsync is in a crontab entry to happen automatically), then the
/DB/plantx will be empty due to the 'delete' option of the rsync statement.
I would assume this is a bug ???

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