rsync 2.6.2 hang (was rsync 2.6.2 crash)

John rsync at
Wed Sep 29 05:34:28 GMT 2004

jim wrote:

>Hey, that's pretty funny. Actually, I would much prefer a Linux environment, but I don't
>always get what I want. We are primarily a Windows and HP-UX shop, so it's not so
>easy get the powers that be to buy into a Linux box.  In addition, I'm using several 
>sets of in-house libraries for this project that have not been built on Linux. I could 
>easily burn another couple of months setting up build environments and testing
>the Linux builds. Not going to happen at this point. 
>Our low-end server environment is W2K3, so that's what I'm stuck with. 
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>   > From: Chuck Wolber <chuckw at>
>   > Subject: Re: rsync 2.6.2 hang (was rsync 2.6.2 crash)
>   > Sent: 28 Sep 2004 21:13:47
>   >
>   >  On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, jim wrote:
>   >  
>   >  > OK, I set up a new PC with a fresh XP load to be my rsync server. Rsync
>   >  > by itself seems to work fine (thank God. I'm going nuts.)
>   >  >
>   >  > I am still having problems when I throw ssh into the mix. At least now,
>   >  > things don't crash, but they do hang.  The file list gets build, the
>   >  > transfer starts and it gets through maybe a few hundred files, but then
>   >  > everything stops. All the processes are still there, but all logging
>   >  > stops and CPU utilization by the rsync and ssh processes go to zero.
>   >  >
>   >  > Any thoughts?
>   >  
>   >  Install Linux instead of XP? Seriously, I gotta wonder why you are serving
>   >  rsync in an environment that it's really not meant to be used in?
>   >  
>   >  FWIW; We use rsync (under Linux) to back up folders on Windows machines
>   >  quite a bit. Works great.
>   >  
>   >  -Chuck

I'd have thought Chuck suggests you install a Linux backup server. You 
don't have to run Windows on your backup server do you?

Standard Debian or whatever and backuppc will probably handle it.

Tell management it's like HP-UX but cheaper and you don't have to face 
HP delivery times:-) Or Windows viruses.

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