Essyug essyug at free.fr
Tue Sep 28 08:26:32 GMT 2004

>>Lookup of `testuser' failed
> Exactly as I expected.  As long as there are no weird non-visible
> characters in that name (which I assume there are not), then you just
> need to figure out how to get the "testuser" into your defined users on
> the Linux box.  (Try running something like "groups testuser" to verify
> that your system doesn't know about that user.)
> I'm wondering if your system is using something like NIS+ or LDAP
> instead of the passwd file.  All this is outside the realm of rsync,
> though -- rsync is running exactly as it should.

"groups testuser" *does* returns the groups testuser is member of. And 
yes, I do use winbind authenticating against a Win2k Server PDC. And my 
system does know my user :

gentent passwd | grep testuser

I'm going to look deeper into the samba doc, but I don't think that's 
the problem. I really think it's on the rsync/cygwin side which probably 
  sends the numeric id instead of the name, or simply doesn't send the 
name/uid map (although my user is known on this side, too).

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