rsync 2.6.2 crash

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Sat Sep 25 19:59:08 GMT 2004

This syntax is explicity stated in the rsyncd.conf man page (section RUNNING AN RSYNC SERVER OVER A REMOTE SHELL PROGRAM):

ADVANCED: To run an rsync server out of a single-use ssh key, use the "command=COMMAND" syntax in the remote user's authorized_keys entry, where command would be

    rsync --server --daemon .

Also, I realize that if the source file/dir is moved or deleted during the sync, that would cause a problem. This was not the case. 

I am configuring a different PC for my testing. I think I may have too many layers of software- I've got a Virtual PC running as the server, reading from a PGPDisk volume that is mounted on the VPC host, and the PGPDisk is on an external USB drive.  I will report back as to whether or not  the problems disappear after removing the VPC, USB and PGPDisk layers.



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   > Sent: 24 Sep 2004 19:26:11
   >  On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, jim <jim at> wrote:
   >  >
   >  > I switched both ends back to 2.6.2 and started rsync in daemon
   >  > mode by hand (no ssh). The sync is still in progress, but it looks
   >  > like it is working.
   >  I was wondering about your attempt to run an rsync daemon via ssh...
   >  Your original info:
   >    Client command:
   >    rsync -v -v -r --delete -t --progress --rsh="ssh -l mpdm -i ADMIN/rsa-mpdm01" MPDM-W2K3::"MPDM/17B - CONTROL" "17B - CONTROL"
   >    Server entry in ~mpdm/.ssh/authorized_keys:
   >    command="rsync --server --daemon ." ssh-rsa <key>
   >  So you are trying to run a daemon via ssh.  But the daemon will be
   >  listening on port 873, not the port used by ssh, so I don't see how
   >  this could work at all.
   >  The fact that it now works when you start the rsync daemon by hand
   >  (and presumably do not connect to it via the SSH trigger) indicates
   >  that my suspicions may have been well founded.
   >  If you want to use the daemon combined with SSH I think you need to
   >  use tunneling, but I don't see any examples of that at the rsync web
   >  site.
   >  > There were three small problems, however:
   >  >
   >  > 2004/09/24 14:25:34 [1896] opendir "/17B - CONTROL/17Bxxxxx - xxxxxxx xxxx, xxx
   >  >  xxxxx xxx-297 A24A-53A/Drawing Sheet 17Bxxxxxx -(44).cal" (in MPDM) failed: Not
   >  >  a directory
   >  > 2004/09/24 14:25:51 [1896] file has vanished: "/17B - CONTROL/17Bxxxxxx - xxxxxx
   >  > x xxxx, xxx xxxxx xxx-297 A24A-53A/Drawing Sheet 17Bxxxxxx -(89).cal" (in MPDM)
   >  > 2004/09/24 14:29:28 [1896] opendir "/17B - CONTROL/17Bxxxxxx - xxxx, xxxxxXxxx-x
   >  > xxxxxxxxxx/Drawing Sheet 17B1N5001 B(2.2).cal" (in MPDM) failed: Not a directory
   >  The "vanished" message is normal if the source hierarchy is in use
   >  and a file that is included in the file list has been removed by
   >  the time the file metadata compare operation is performed.
   >  You are going to have to diagnose the other two problems by looking
   >  at the two paths in question.
   >  --
   >          John Van Essen  Univ of MN Alumnus  <vanes002 at>
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