rsync 2.6.2 crash

John Van Essen vanes002 at
Sat Sep 25 02:26:11 GMT 2004

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, jim <jim at> wrote:
> I switched both ends back to 2.6.2 and started rsync in daemon
> mode by hand (no ssh). The sync is still in progress, but it looks
> like it is working.

I was wondering about your attempt to run an rsync daemon via ssh...
Your original info:

  Client command:
  rsync -v -v -r --delete -t --progress --rsh="ssh -l mpdm -i ADMIN/rsa-mpdm01" MPDM-W2K3::"MPDM/17B - CONTROL" "17B - CONTROL"

  Server entry in ~mpdm/.ssh/authorized_keys:
  command="rsync --server --daemon ." ssh-rsa <key>

So you are trying to run a daemon via ssh.  But the daemon will be
listening on port 873, not the port used by ssh, so I don't see how
this could work at all.

The fact that it now works when you start the rsync daemon by hand
(and presumably do not connect to it via the SSH trigger) indicates
that my suspicions may have been well founded.

If you want to use the daemon combined with SSH I think you need to
use tunneling, but I don't see any examples of that at the rsync web

> There were three small problems, however:
> 2004/09/24 14:25:34 [1896] opendir "/17B - CONTROL/17Bxxxxx - xxxxxxx xxxx, xxx
>  xxxxx xxx-297 A24A-53A/Drawing Sheet 17Bxxxxxx -(44).cal" (in MPDM) failed: Not
>  a directory
> 2004/09/24 14:25:51 [1896] file has vanished: "/17B - CONTROL/17Bxxxxxx - xxxxxx
> x xxxx, xxx xxxxx xxx-297 A24A-53A/Drawing Sheet 17Bxxxxxx -(89).cal" (in MPDM)
> 2004/09/24 14:29:28 [1896] opendir "/17B - CONTROL/17Bxxxxxx - xxxx, xxxxxXxxx-x
> xxxxxxxxxx/Drawing Sheet 17B1N5001 B(2.2).cal" (in MPDM) failed: Not a directory

The "vanished" message is normal if the source hierarchy is in use
and a file that is included in the file list has been removed by
the time the file metadata compare operation is performed.

You are going to have to diagnose the other two problems by looking
at the two paths in question.
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