question about 2.6.3pre2's --link-by-hash behaviour

Paul Slootman paul at
Fri Sep 24 13:47:03 GMT 2004

The --link-by-hash patch is a bit defective, I think.

If I run the following command:

    rsync --link-by-hash=/tmp/hash /tmp

I get the following output:

(1) linkname = /tmp/hash/0fb9ca1a/3cc6ec7f5a2de3a0235b585f/0
link-by-hash (new): "/tmp/ps1" -> "/tmp/hash/0fb9ca1a/3cc6ec7f5a2de3a0235b585f/0"

If I then run it again, I get the following:

(1) linkname = /tmp/hash/8e923961/e8d9e056eee8b5d083a579e4/0
link-by-hash (new): "/tmp/ps1" -> "/tmp/hash/8e923961/e8d9e056eee8b5d083a579e4/0"

Upon investigation, the patch calculates the checksum separately from
the rsync file checksum, and I wonder why. The patch's calculated
checksum is also always different to the rsync checksum. It forces the
checksum-seed to 12345, although I can't see why.

I get the feeling the patch may need to be rewritten from scratch...

Paul Slootman

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