[Bug 1812] fuzzy not working in 2.6.3-pre{1,2}

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Thu Sep 23 15:47:32 GMT 2004


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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2004-09-23 08:47 -------
This was a very simple bug in the g2r-basis-filename.diff: the line that checked
if whole_file was non-zero needed to be updated to check if whole_file was
greater than 0.  I missed this in my testing because I tested local copies using
the --no-whole-file option.

So, temporary workaround: specify --no-whole-file.

Proper fix, get an updated version of the g2r-basis-filename patch (or just
manually add "> 0" to the "if (dry_run || whole_file) {" line) and all should be

I did also check in an updated version of the fuzzy.diff patch, but that was
mainly to ensure that the user can't try to specify --inplace with --fuzzy (it
also got rid of some "might be used unitialized" compiler warnings, but they
were not indicative of an actual problem, just an annoyance).

Thanks for the excellent bug report!

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