question about 2.6.3pre2's --link-by-hash behaviour

Paul Slootman paul at
Wed Sep 22 11:21:31 GMT 2004

On Wed 22 Sep 2004, Erik Jan Tromp wrote:

> I had noticed the --link-by-hash patch a short while back & decided it was time to experiment with it. Sadly, its behaviour is considerabely different from what I expected - to the point that I find it unusable in its current form. I had hoped to use it both for my rotating backups & for my (unofficial) slackware mirror.

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Hmmm... For a slackware mirror I expect that it would be fine.

I tried downloading the patch from the web cvs, but I got this:

    Error: Unexpected output from cvs co: cvs [checkout aborted]:
    Absolute module reference invalid:

    Check whether the directory /cvsroot/CVSROOT exists and the script
    has write-access to the CVSROOT/history file if it exists.  The
    script needs to place lock files in the directory the file is in as

Paul Slootman

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