problem with --keep-dirlinks and --delete (was: rsync version 2.6.3pre1 protocol version 28)

Wayne Davison wayned at
Tue Sep 21 09:29:59 GMT 2004

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 11:11:19AM +0200, volker.weinberger at wrote:
> this is possibly a bug report (I'm not sure if this is a feature). It's 
> related to the --keep-dirlinks option, when combined with --delete .

Yeah, this weird behavior of --delete is something that Ivan Manida
commented on not too long ago, but at the time I didn't have a good
solution to propose to make it work right.  However, I've just coded
up a change that makes the list-generating code for deletions only
transform symlinks that match a directory on the sender into a "kept"
directory.  This will fix this weird behavior you noted.  It also fixes
a problem that Ivan had noted where a bogus symlink on the receiver
needs to be just deleted (e.g. an extra symlink to "..").

The fix has been checked into CVS and will be in 2.6.3pre2 (which is
coming soon).


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