[Bug 1764] dry-run does not show changes in owner / group, permission, or timestamp

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Fri Sep 17 23:45:38 GMT 2004


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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2004-09-17 16:43 -------
Yes, there is an inconsistency in --dry-run mode with -vv verbosity, but it will
be harder to fix than what you proposed.  For instance, your fix doesn't handle
the case where the directory needs to be created (it would replace the
now-silent directory-creation behavior in --dry-run mode with a stat error), it
outputs only the first change it finds (there could multiple multiple things
that need to be updated), and it introduces a new output syntax into verbose
mode that we need to consider carefully (as it affects the scripting of rsync).
 A better long-term solution is to introduce a configurable logging system that
lets the user ask for the type of change information they want to see.

These dry-run bugs are not a high priority to fix right now, but will be looked
into later on.

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