[Bug 1678] --link-dest doesn't create hard links on remote system.

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Fri Sep 17 23:14:05 GMT 2004


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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2004-09-17 16:14 -------
Rsync got a bug-fix in 2.6.1 that made --link-dest work properly for a non-root
user when -o was specified and the UID numbers for a username weren't identical.
The receiving rsync is the one that affects this (since it is the one doing the
checking to see if the files are the same and should be linked together or not).

So, in your test that succeeded with -o specified and a 2.6.0 receiving-rsync,
the two systems must have the same UID for that user.

Solutions:  (1) update the receiving rsync to 2.6.3pre1, (2) don't specify/imply
-o, or (3) make sure that your users have matching ID numbers on your various hosts.

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