Essyug essyug at free.fr
Fri Sep 17 07:29:41 GMT 2004

>>All I get running with -vvvv is the gid...
> That is because rsync doesn't believe that it is root.  I think I should
> modify rsync so that it outputs the uid when it is the sender even when
> it is not root.
> What your output doesn't show is what the receiver thinks the uid is
> (which will show if it believes it is root).  This is because the
> receiver is a daemon, and it restricts how verbose it can get (since it
> logs its output into a log file it doesn't want users to be able to
> overflow the log files with large amounts of debugging info).  There is
> an undocumented setting in the rsyncd.conf file called "max verbosity"
> that you can try setting to "9" and then re-run rsync.  The daemon's log
> file should then contain what it knows about the file list.  (Aside: the
> "max verbosity" setting is currently undocumented because it was
> supposed to be a very temporary debugging helper that was going to be
> superseded by a flexible logging configuration that J.W. was going to
> be working on, but no progress has been made in that area, alas).

With this setting, I get this, both in the dameon's log and on the 
client output:

uid 11385(testuser) maps to 11385
gid 10513(mkgroup_l_d) maps to 10513
[receiver] i=0 <NULL> <NULL> testdir mode=040777 len=0 uid=11385 gid=10513
[receiver] i=1 <NULL> testdir test.txt mode=0100777 len=4 uid=11385 
set uid of testdir from 0 to 11385
set gid of testdir from 0 to 10513
set uid of testdir/.test.txt.IGJ6dO from 0 to 11385
set gid of testdir/.test.txt.IGJ6dO from 0 to 10513
renaming testdir/.test.txt.IGJ6dO to testdir/test.txt

Reminder :

On the client side, under cygwin :

ls -l => testdir owned by testuser:mkgroup_
ls -ln => testdir owned by 11385:10513

On the server side, under linux:

gentent passwd | grep testuser

Does the client side send 11385 or "testuser"? Or both? Which one of the 
client/server does the mapping? And why does testuser end up on beeing 
mapped to 11385 on the server side?

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