[Bug 1764] dry-run does not show changes in owner / group, permission, or timestamp

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patch for rsync.c

The patch addresses 2 issues.

(1) under dry-run mode, files with attribute changes are not listed even with
two -v flags.

I consider this as a bug because (a) dry-run mode "will just report the actions
it would have taken". Taking off the dry-run mode the files are reported with
two -v flags. (b) under dry run mode, the information for files with attribute
changes is not available which violates the Freedom of Information Act.

(2) List the files with attribute changes with one -v flag. While this is
arguable, my side of arguments are (a) attributes are part of a file, it may be
as important as, or more important than, the content depending what you do; (b)
Man page says "Two -v flags will give you information on what files  are  being
skipped and slightly more information at the end". The current behavior that
two -v flags list attribute changes does not agree with documentation.

(Wayne's reply addressed issue #2, but not #1).

The following is additional enhancement request not addressed by the patch:

The better approach, putting aside of the backward compatibility, is to report
all the changes, and flag each type of changes with new, delete, content
update, permission, owner, group, modification time, what else. This way,
people can parse and select what they need.

Thank you.

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