how to rsync over ssh, but login is not permit

Jacky Kim jcy_2008 at
Thu Sep 16 10:30:11 GMT 2004

Hi, I want to backup my system via rsync over ssh, but login is *not*

According to the sshd_config man page, I need to set PermitRootLogin to 

In order to run follow command, how to set command option in authorized_keys? 

# rsync -avz server:/etc /backup

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Jacky Kim

>On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 06:03:49PM +0800, Jacky Kim wrote:
>> If the shell of user alpha is /sbin/nologin
>> When use rsync with ssh mode, is it possible for alpha to use rsync 
>> to backup data?
>This is an ssh question:  you're asking if there is a way to limit what
>commands the user runs.  The answer is yes, there are ways to make sure
>that the user can only run a limited set of commands (even constricting
>what options can be sent), but I don't know the details.  By default, if
>the user has a shell of /sbin/nologin, then ssh can't be used by that
>user to run any commands.  See the ssh docs for more details.  Once you
>get ssh configured as you desire, rsync can use it.

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