Slightly OT: how to best rsync smbmount'ed Win2K data

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Wed Sep 15 23:48:24 GMT 2004

I find that if you try to rsync Windows files that contain non-ASCII chars
in their filenames, rsync/ls/find/du all complain about "no such file".

It appears smbfs cannot translate the filename correctly into "Unix speak"?

Anyway, rsync returns errors like:

rsync: readdir(Ads/11676 1?6 Ag ad 7.99): No such file or directory (2)

Has anyone figured out how to fix this? I've tried smbmount options like
"unicode" and "codepage=utf8" - but they don't fix anything.

I have tried this under Redhat7 through Fedora Core 2...



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