filename encoding netware->linux

Petri Asikainen paca at
Wed Sep 15 16:05:09 GMT 2004

Hi all rsync users!
This is asked before but I didn't see any replies in archives or FAQ.

I'm having problems with character encodings when syncing files from
netware (rsyncd)  to  linux box.
Character with umlauts like äö are stored wrongly on disk.

I tried to change enviroment variables LC_CTYPE and G_FILENAME_ENCODING
on my linux (suse 9.1), but no difference.

Does anybody know how to resolve this encoding problem?

Or how/where rsync(d) selects codepage/encodings, so I could try to
resolve this by myself.



I have used rsync between two netware box without problems over year,
wonderfull program. Thanks to developers.

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