Rsync diff mode (again)?

Dan Bolser dmb at
Tue Sep 14 18:42:46 GMT 2004


I would like to diff two files using rsync.

Here is a little background,

I use a little pair of scripts to keep sync-ed at work and home. Sometimes
I forget which copy is up to date, and rsync says that both should be

./ -n
building file list ...
233 files to consider

./ -n
receiving file list ...
228 files to consider

I would like to do something like...

rsync --diff Analysis/TP_FP/cd_hit_fp_tn.sql me at beta:/Dest/Dir

so I could quickly decide to put or get this file (or do a merge). 

I have been using cvs, but it is a hassle to set up and maintain
(especially when I shift directories around all the time in a hap-hazard
way, and I mix raw data files and small sripts etc., etc.).

Basically I would like to use rsync for this because of its convenience,
and the diff problem seems to fit the way rsync works (although I am
totaly ignorant of the details).

Those people who offer the suggestion of 'use a wrapper script' in
response to similar feature requests, can you please give an example?

I am sorry if this question has already been answered, but doing the

Turns up around 1600 hits.

Thanks very much for any information you can give,
All the best,

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