Essyug essyug at free.fr
Tue Sep 14 07:22:05 GMT 2004

> [...]
> I'd suggest running with expanded levels of -v until you see what user &
> group names are getting sent.  I'd bet that the two strings don't match
> (as they don't above) so rsync has to fall back to just using the ID
> number directly.

All I get running with -vvvv is the gid...

opening tcp connection to backupserver port 873
(Client) Protocol versions: remote=28, negotiated=28
building file list ...
[sender] make_file(testdir,*,2)
[sender] expand file_list to 131072 bytes, did move
[sender] make_file(testdir/test.txt,*,2)
[sender] clearing per-dir .cvsignore exclude list
[sender] i=0 <NULL> <NULL> testdir mode=040777 len=16384 gid=10513
[sender] i=1 <NULL> testdir test.txt mode=0100777 len=4 gid=10513
send_file_list done
file list sent
send_files starting
send_files(1, testdir/test.txt)
count=0 n=0 rem=0
send_files mapped testdir/test.txt of size 4
calling match_sums testdir/test.txt
sending file_sum
false_alarms=0 tag_hits=0 matches=0
sender finished testdir/test.txt
send_files phase=1
send files finished
total: matches=0  tag_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=4

wrote 199 bytes  read 60 bytes  518.00 bytes/sec
total size is 4  speedup is 0.02
_exit_cleanup(code=0, file=/home/lapo/package/tmp/rsync-2.6.2/main.c, 
line=633): entered
_exit_cleanup(code=0, file=/home/lapo/package/tmp/rsync-2.6.2/main.c, 
line=633): about to call exit(0)

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