--partiall-dir not behaving like it ought too

SPJ.Schembri SPJ.Schembri at Virgin.Net
Mon Sep 13 17:55:32 GMT 2004


Thanks very much for your dedicated efforts, and to say that the partial-dir
patch is
working like a dream.

Just a couple of questions, if I may.

Will the patch be committed for the next release ?

And when do you forsee that happening ?

All the best.

Thanks Again

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Subject: Re: --partiall-dir not behaving like it ought too

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 07:58:33AM +0100, SPJ.Schembri wrote:
> rsync -av --progress --partial-dir=./tmp --bwlimit=100 /tcwork/bigfile.tar
root at matthew::root

I finally had some time to work on rsync again (I've been rather
busy lately), so I investigated the partial-dir problem.

The code was not handling the case where the destination file was
missing and the partial file was present (it worked if both were
present).  The weirdness is caused by the fact that (unlike the
--compare-dest option) rsync must not base its decision to send on
the presence of the partial-dir file, but on the state of the
destination file.  Some earlier bug-fixes to make sure that rsync
made the right decision to send created the problem where the
partial-dir file might not get reused.

I've checked in a fix to CVS and attached a patch to this email.
Thanks for the report!


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