rsync and tunneling via ssh

Brian b_rose at
Mon Sep 13 14:15:54 GMT 2004

> If you don't have some other reason to use the rsync server, you should
> just use "plain" rsync for this.  
> rsync -e ssh -av remotehost:/remote/path /local/path

This is what I do right now, however I would 
rather do what Jean-Gabriel was trying because 
then I have logging done on the server. Currently, 
I log to the client and rsync the log, however, it 
is easy for the customer to get more info than I 
would like.  So, my point is unless the rsyncing 
is within the same group, it is better to use the 
daemon and ssh tunneling for improved security and 
robustness of the service.  ( I have tried what 
Jean-Gabriel was trying already and gave up for now. )


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