Mac OS X HFS+ metadata patch: beta testers?

D Andrew Reynhout reynhout at
Sun Sep 12 05:17:48 GMT 2004


I've written a patch for rsync that will recognize Mac OS X
HFS+ resource forks and metadata, and transfer them to a
remote non-HFS+ filesystem.

The resource forks and metadata are stored in an AppleDouble
file, using the ._<filename> naming scheme.

A few people have been helping me test the new version, and
I think it's working for everyone now.  If anyone else cares
to give it a spin, I would appreciate it:

A diff, binary, and fuller explanation are available at:

This version of the patch is 1.2b, against rsync-2.6.3pre1.

Two known issues:
   - rsync has an aversion to the special files in directory
     /dev/fd, when-and-(we think)-only-when the SRCDIR is /.
     simple solution: --exclude=/dev/fd/*
     "proper" solution TBD, but the problem appears to be
     unrelated to this hfs-mode patch.

   - rsync-2.6.3pre1 doesn't work with BackupPC because of
     some server side option processing.  This is fixed in
     CVS, so if you use BackupPC you should apply the patch
     to a post-26Aug nightly, or to the current CVS tree.
     I also have a patched binary of the 08Sep nightly.
     Email for details.

Most of the testing has been from OS X 10.3.5 boxes to Solaris
or Linux destinations.  Anyone with a more mixed environment
is especially encouraged to give it a run.

reynhout at

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