Bug in rsync? (--delete[-after])

Stefan Hoelldampf stfn at gmx.net
Thu Sep 9 16:41:02 GMT 2004

Kjell Andresen wrote:

> The problem is in short that rsync used with the option --delete-after
> does NOT delete older files rsynced, but --delete does.

> The versions I have used is, from [fra (no.)]
> hox /# rsync --version
> rsync  version 2.5.5  protocol version 26
> - and to [til (no.)]:
> hox /# ssh anvil rsync --version
> rsync  version 2.6.2  protocol version 28

Does using both parameters "--delete" and "--delete-after" solve the
rsync only implies "--delete" when using "--delete-after" if you have
rsync-2.5.6 or above.


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