Essyug essyug at free.fr
Thu Sep 9 09:46:48 GMT 2004

>>Rsync seems to work as if I had used the --numeric-ids
> If rsync doesn't find a username match, it will fall-back to using the
> ID directly, so I would assume that the problem is that the ID names on
> your cygwin system aren't matching the ID names on your linux system
> (and perhaps they aren't what you think).

On the client side, under cygwin :

ls -l => testdir owned by testuser:mkgroup_
ls -ln => testdir owned by 11385:10513

On the server side, under linux, with winbind running with "winbind use 
default domain	= yes", a directory on which I run "chown testuser: dir" 

ls -l => directory owned by testuser:'Domain user' (group translated 
from French)

ls -ln => directory owned by 10000:10000

Knowing that "gentent passwd | grep testuser" shows:


When I set "winbind use default domain	= no", I get th following:


But, in both case, after a rsync -avP testdir $BACKUPSERVER::backuptest 
I get testdir owned by 11385:10513, which are unknow user/group on the 

> I had originally misread your question as one wanting to get the cygwin
> rsync to set ownership of the files.  Towards this goal, I think we need
> a better "am I root" check for cygwin.  The attached patch attempts to
> provide this.  Is anyone familiar enough with cygwin to be able to
> comment on the appropriateness of this idiom?

Why does the rsync running on the client must be root ? It just has to 
send the name of the owner of the file to the server which will chown 
it. And my server is running as root on the linux machine.

Thank you for the time you already spent on my problem !

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