RSync + SSH tunneling through firewall

Stefaan Lhermitte stefaan.lhermitte at
Thu Sep 9 09:08:59 GMT 2004

Yessos, very cool.

It works even with
rsync -auv -e "ssh myname at host_B ssh" src_folder host_C:sdt_dir

Sometimes solutions can be very simple...

Unfortunartely all open positions for email postmasters are just filled 
in. I did my best to convince my boss, you were better, but it didn't 

Thanx again!

Andrzej Filip wrote:

> It is nice to know it works [finally :) ].
> As the last check try to eliminate ssh-b script and test
> rsync -auv -e "ssh host_B ssh"  src_dir host_C:sdt_dir

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