RSync + SSH tunneling through firewall

Stefaan Lhermitte stefaan.lhermitte at
Thu Sep 9 08:36:18 GMT 2004

Haai Andrzej,

The problem is solved. When I double checked the ssh-b file I realized I 
had to change the linux commands to cygwin commands.
 From that moment all commands (like date, hostname...) worked on the C-host

So with the key authentification and the following ssh-b script:

    ssh myname at host_B ssh "$@"

the rsync command works:
rsync -auv -e ~/ssh-b /cygdrive/driveletter/localfolder/ 
and I don't get the pseudo terminal warning anymore.

Whenever you are in Belgium, I owe you a beer or something else to drink.
Thanx a lot for all the help.
Kind regards,

Andrzej Filip wrote:

> Stefaan Lhermitte wrote:
>>   I did. I can now connect via SSH as wel from A -> B as from B -> C.
>> I also resolved the problem of not being able to connect to C. I 
>> restarted the sshd and now it works.
>> The problem now stays with the rsync. I used:
>> rsync -auv -e ~/ssh-b /cygdrive/driveletter/localfolder/ 
>> computer-C:/cygdrive/driveletter/remotefolder/
>> I get no errors but only the following output:
>> Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.
>> Unfortunately it does not rsynchronize, since no files are copied.
> 1) Do you get computer-C shell prompt when you execute "~/ssh-b 
> computer-C" ?
> [ you may ignore "pseudo terminal warning in *this* test ]
> 2) What do you get when you execute "~/ssh-b computer-C date" ?
> [ Is date program executed on C ? ]

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