Essyug essyug at free.fr
Wed Sep 8 08:30:44 GMT 2004

>>My test directory on W2k and all its content are owned by 
>>DOMAIN\testuser, which is a domain administrator.
> Rsync only tries to change file ownership if it thinks that it is
> running as root, and that test is currently a simple comparison of the
> effective UID against 0.  You might try outputting the value of
> geteuid() (or getuid() if geteuid() doesn't exist) and seeing if your
> root user has a non-zero value.

Under Cygwin, `set | grep UID` gives me :

On the server side, the files are indeed owned by 11385, but this id
doesn't match DOMAIN\testuser, which id is 10000, set by winbind. Rsync
seems to work as if I had used the --numeric-ids ; maybe it's a more a
cygwin problem than a rsync one ? I've tried to compile rsync-2.6.3pre1
under cygwin, without any improvements.

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