rsync-2.6.3pre1: --delete-after does not work

Stefan Hoelldampf stfn at
Tue Sep 7 20:37:48 GMT 2004

Wayne Davison wrote:

>>Using "--delete-after" does not work with
>>2.6.3pre1 (sender, Fedora Core 2) and
>>2.5.7 (receiver, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3):
> I've run this combination of rsync versions without any problems (though
> my copy went from Debian to RH 9).  It would help if you could narrow
> the problem down somehow.  Perhaps you could try running it under
> valgrind and see if it generates an error?  (I've done this, and it runs
> with very decent alicrity).
> Also, it's always helpful to mention the command-line you're running,
> just in case that has some effect on the failure.

Damn, the problem is rsync-2.5.5 as receiver (I should have checked
"rsync --version" instead of "rpm -q rsync"...).

The problems with "--delete-after" in detail:
command: rsync --archive --delete-after /localdir/ host:/remotedir/

(all versions compiled from source)

	sender   = 2.6.2
	receiver = 2.5.5
	=> OK

	sender   = 2.6.2
	receiver = 2.5.6 and above
	=> OK

	sender   = 2.6.3pre1
	receiver = 2.5.5

	sender   = 2.6.3pre1
	receiver = 2.5.6 and above
	=> OK

A change in 2.6.3pre1 seems to have broken "compatibility" with the old
version 2.5.5.

The pairs of sender / receiver I have tested:
FC2 / Sun Solaris 2.9
Sun Solaris 2.9 / RHEL3

I have used DDD to get more information:
The sender's io.c receives

> Program received signal SIGPIPE, Broken pipe.
> 0x0072d7a2 in _dl_sysinfo_int80 () from /lib/

when calling in line 884:

> ret = write(fd, buf + total, n);


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