[Bug 1678] --link-dest doesn't create hard links on remote system.

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2004-09-07 12:03 -------
This works fine in my testing.  I'd suggest trying to specify an absolute path
to the --link-dest dir, just in case the relative path is not resolving where
you think it should.  Also, keep in mind that the files in the destination dir
must not already exist for them to be hard-linked with the files in the
--link-dest dir:

If the destination file does not exist, it is first hard-linked with a file of
the same name in the link-dest dir and then the rsync algorithm checks to see if
it needs to be updated.

So, there are two possible failure points, (1) the initial hard link may fail
(if the link-dest file is not found or if the link call fails), or (2) the
hard-linked file is not deemed to be identical with the source file.  One thing
you can do to figure out if the latter is the case is to try leaving out the
preservation of owner and group and see if something about these values are
tripping rsync up.

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